Our integrated real estate platform adds value for our investors and other stakeholders because it is an essential enabler in delivering and managing rental housing at scale. It also provides us the capability to access capital to drive scale. Overtime, this ensures that our investors can benefit from economies of scale.

Being a vertically integrated firm also enables Acorn to deliver superior investment management performance by driving value across the full spectrum from acquisition to development to disposal to leasing to managing the properties, which results in better investment outcomes.

The knowledge that Acorn acquires from developing projects flows into making investment decisions for new acquisitions. Managing properties with a focus on customer experience has enabled Acorn to have a high tenant retention ratio, which produces higher returns to investors.



At Acorn, we are constantly exploring ways to pioneer new approaches, products and services that enhance the value of our proposition, improve the experience of our tenants and further empower our employees.

System innovation has been used to drive operational efficiencies while design enhancements have enabled Acorn to be more flexible, save space and reduce costs without compromising on quality, reliability or the indoor environment.

Technology is a disruptive force across all industries, including real estate. What customers seek from real estate is constantly changing, necessitating a constant evolution of products. Acorn’s experience, scale, and culture of innovation make us uniquely positioned to drive change at asset and corporate levels.



Qwetu is our flagship purpose-built student accommodation brand providing students with the most conducive environment, amenities, and services to enable them to thrive and succeed during their college and university years. The properties feature quality self-contained studios and a full range of amenities including 3 tier security, clean residences, multiple room types, free residents’ gym, free Wi-Fi, student lounges, and more. Qwetu is home to a large and diverse community of students from 53 countries and 63 universities and colleges in Nairobi. It also offers access to free learning courses on Skillshare.

Our objective is to provide a secure, comfortable environment and take care of the bills so our residents don’t have to hustle – we remove all barriers to their pursuit of success.

For more information visit www.qwetu.co.ke


Affordability is key for the Qejani offering. With the Qejani brand, we are serving to expand and improve the student accommodation market, coupled with a product pricing that caters to all income brackets including students who would otherwise have been locked out from access to quality accommodation.

Qejani, our budget-friendly purpose-built student accommodation brand, will provide students with a great living experience while in university and college, impacting them positively in life. Qejani was officially launched in November 2019 and construction is currently underway.


Palma is our executive purpose-built accommodation for young professionals that captures the essence of youthful optimism for those who are looking at kickstarting and building successful networks and careers.

Development Management

All of the Acorn’s actions are premised on optimizing the three key pillars of project delivery: time, cost and quality. This focus has meant that our partners achieve their development goals consistently.

Combining insights from multi-faceted teams with local knowledge, years of experience and a commitment to long-term value creation, we craft sophisticated structures designed by prominent and award-winning architects.

The development management function in Acorn is undertaken by Acorn Management Services Limited.

Qwetu currently has 4 properties under development of which 2 are in the pre-development phase. The four properties will provide approximately 5,700 total beds and will cater to the USIU, Hurlingham, Chiromo and Karen areas in Nairobi.

Qwetu currently has 4 properties under development:

  • Qwetu USIU 4 which will have 601 beds and is anticipated to be completed by mid-year 2021
  • Qwetu Hurlingham which will boast 664 beds and is targeted to be completed by the end of 2021
  • Qwetu Chiromo which is currently in pre-development
  • Qwetu Catholic which is currently in pre-development


Project Delivered


On Going Projects

There are 2 flagship Qejani properties in pre-development with construction set to commence in April 2021. These properties are Qejani Chiromo and Qejani Catholic and will sit on the same parcel of land as their Qwetu counterparts, Qwetu Chiromo and Qwetu Catholic respectively.

There are 2 Qejani properties in pre-development with construction set to commence in April 2021:

  • Qejani Chiromo sits on the same parcel of land as Qwetu Chiromo and will both have a total of almost 3,000 operating beds
  • Qejani Catholic sits on the same parcel of land as Qwetu Catholic and will both have a total of 1,500 operating beds


On Going Projects

The Palma project is currently in phase 0, the discovery phase. This stage includes project set up, data collection and review, target customer segment insights, concept benchmarks, market size estimation and a feasibility study of the project.

Property Management

With its business model focused on rental housing, Acorn has established operational excellence as a core value. Emphasizing the importance of property and facility management, Acorn delivers unparalleled service, asset management, energy efficiency and the reduction of real estate investment risk.

Acorn’s commitment to the importance of property management is exemplified by its development of a customized software program to manage building operations. This software enables us not only to manage leasing, tenant renewals and rent collections but also, expenses and resolution of maintenance issues, including any complaints raised by tenants.

The property management function in Acorn is undertaken by Acorn Management Services Limited.

The properties under management have a cumulative capacity of over 3,000 beds and are situated at strategic locations to provide easy accessibility to respective campuses. Our properties cater to students from over 60 universities and over 53 nationalities, providing them with a unique student living experience. Qwetu Student Residences have become the preferred choice of stay for college students studying in Nairobi. By the year 2030, we expect to add three times our existing bed capacity in order to satisfy merely 30% of the demand for affordable and quality student accommodation in Nairobi.


Beds Under Management


Beds Under Management by 2030

Land acquisition, design management, construction management, quality & cost control, and health & safety.


Projects Under Management

Real Estate Investment

Acorn’s long-term view in investment management, where it seeks to manage risk, build resilience and generate sustainable returns (even through challenging periods in an economic cycle), allow it to target the right set of investors for the products it offers.

The central focus of Acorn’s investment management vertical is the two Acorn Student Accommodation Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) which were launched on Wednesday 24th February 2021. The Acorn Student Accommodation Development REIT (ASA D-REIT) undertakes the development of Qwetu and Qejani student hostels and the Acorn Student Accommodation Income REIT (ASA I-REIT) purchases all completed and stabilized operational properties from the D-REIT and holds them for the long-term.

The investment management function in Acorn is undertaken by Acorn Investment Management Limited.

The Acorn Student Accommodation D-REIT (ASA D-REIT) will be the investment vehicle for developing PBSA from green and brown field land acquisition to construction and initial marketing. Once the assets have achieved stable occupancy, they will be sold to the ASA I-REIT on a commercial arms-length basis. The profits earned from the sales will be channeled to new developments and dividends.


Projects Under the ASA D-REIT


The Acorn Student Accommodation Income REIT (ASA I-REIT) will be the investment vehicle for holding the income generating purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) rental units on a long-term basis to give investors steady dividends and capital appreciation over time.


Operating Properties Under the ASA I-REIT