At Acorn, our purpose is to provide a fresh approach to housing for the youth in Kenya, meeting their housing needs at the different stages of their lives. So, we have created three brands: Qwetu and Qejani to cater to college and university students, and Palma to cater for young professionals. Our brands are the safest and cleanest youth accommodation facilities in Kenya with above standard safety and hygiene protocols implemented in all our operating residences.

Qwetu is our flagship purpose-built student accommodation brand providing students with the most conducive environment, amenities, and services to enable them to thrive and succeed during their college and university years. The properties feature quality self-contained studios and a full range of amenities including 3 tier security, clean residences, multiple room types, free residents’ gym, free Wi-Fi, student lounges, and more. Qwetu is home to a large and diverse community of students from 53 countries and 63 universities and colleges in Nairobi. It also offers access to free learning courses on Skillshare.

Our objective is to provide a secure, comfortable environment and take care of the bills so our residents don’t have to hustle – we remove all barriers to their pursuit of success.


Affordability is key for the Qejani offering. With the Qejani brand, we are serving to expand and improve the student accommodation market, coupled with a product pricing that caters to all income brackets including students who would otherwise have been locked out from access to quality accommodation.

Qejani, our budget-friendly purpose-built student accommodation brand, will provide students with a great living experience while in university and college, impacting them positively in life. Qejani was officially launched in November 2019 and construction is currently underway.


Palma is our executive purpose-built accommodation for young professionals that captures the essence of youthful optimism for those who are looking at kickstarting and building successful networks and careers.


Development Portfolio

Our pilot developments have provided us with vital data in order to continue enhancing the students’ experience within our properties. We change and evolve the product significantly with each new project, increasing its ability to realize maximum occupancy within the desired timelines.

Our operating platform has positioned the business for growth through the roll-out of future projects at scale, such as the additional seven student hostels we intend to build within the next three years, starting with Qwetu USIU 3 & 4 and Qwetu Hurlingham.

Qwetu USIU 3 & 4 

These are our Qwetu USIU 3 & 4 properties. The USIU 3 property is expected to be complete in December 2020 and open in January 2021, boasting 697 operating beds. The USIU 4 will have 601 operating beds and is expected to be complete in May 2021 and open in June 2021. The USIU 3 & 4 properties are situated 50 metres from United States International University (USIU) Africa and the Pan African Christian University. These properties will also serve Kenyatta University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology students in the Kasarani area off Thika Road.

Qwetu Hurlingham

This is our Qwetu Hurlingham property and will have 664 operating beds. It is expected to be completed in September 2021 and open in October 2021. It will be situated 500m from Daystar University Nairobi Campus and 1km from the University of Nairobi School of Dental Sciences. The property will also serve the University of Nairobi Medical School, Kenya Methodist University CBD campus, and Mount Kenya University CBD campus students in the Hurlingham area.

Operating Properties Portfolio

Our Residences offer students a reassuringly clean, safe and secure environment to excel in their studies, discover who they are, build new friendships for life, and experience new cultures.

Qwetu Jogoo Road

Qwetu Jogoo Road was our first residence and made its debut in 2017 with 517 operating beds. Since then, more than 1,200 students have called this home. The residence is strategically located 20 mins’ drive from the University of Nairobi main campus, 15 mins’ drive to Riara University, 10 mins’ drive to Strathmore University, Daystar University and 25 mins to the CBD (Central Business District). Qwetu Jogoo Road is the preferred accommodation for students from the University of Nairobi, Strathmore University, Daystar University Ngong Road, Riara University, Mt. Kenya Town Campus, Boma International Hospitality College (BIHTC), TUK University, Flights Schools and many more.


Qwetu Ruaraka

Qwetu Ruaraka has 554 operating beds and is strategically located 20 mins’ drive from USIU-Africa, 5 mins from KCA University and 35-40 mins’ drive from JKUAT and Kenyatta University. Qwetu Ruaraka is the preferred accommodation for students from KCA University, Kenyatta University (KU), USIU, Zetech University, Africa Nazarene, Graffins College, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Andela Kenya, Kenya Institute of Finance and Applied Management, Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT), Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI), Pan-African Christian University and many more.


Qwetu Parklands

Qwetu Parklands has 531 operating beds and is located right at the heart of the city, only 10 mins from the Nairobi CBD. It is the preferred accommodation for students from University of Nairobi (UON), Mount Kenya University (MKU), Bridge college, Evelyn College of Design,, Alliance Française, Ashwal College, Graffins College, Kenya Institute of Management, Kenya Methodist University, Lintons College of Beauty, Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT), Nairobi International School (NIS), Pioneer International University and many more.


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Qwetu WilsonView

Qwetu WilsonView is the newest addition to the Qwetu Student Residences family boasting 728 operating beds. It is strategically located a 5-min walk from Strathmore university, a 5-min drive from Riara University and a 10-min drive from Daystar University Nairobi -Valley Road Campus. Qwetu WilsonView is also located 10 mins’ drive from the CBD.