The Acorn I-REIT is established alongside the Acorn D-REIT. It is envisioned that the I-REIT will invest in the acquisition of stabilized, income generating purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), predominantly developed by the D-REIT.

The investment objectives of the I-REIT are as follows:

  • Provide the most sought after, quality, and secure PBSA within the Nairobi Metropolitan area (Nairobi County and its neighboring counties).
  • The undertaking of incidental or connected activities and activities related to the assets of the REIT.
  • Any other such activities as may be authorized by the Regulations.
  • Realize capital appreciation from proactive investment and asset management.
  • To provide an attractive investment alternative for investors seeking to allocate a portion of their long-term investment portfolios in a well-structured, regulated and professionally managed real estate backed security.
  • Retention and management of the real estate assets of the REIT with the objective of providing income to investors in the form of regular, stable cash distributions to achieve an attractive distribution yield.
  • The acquisition for long-term investment, of income-generating eligible real estate and eligible investments for student accommodation.