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Acorn is addressing the need for clean, safe, affordable youth accommodation.

A large youth population combined with rapid urbanisation is driving a massive and acute need for accommodation that is clean, safe, conducive, amenable and yet affordable. This presents Acorn’s fundamental business opportunity, as well as our key area for sustainability impact. Social, environmental, economic and financial considerations are central to the long-term commercial success of our business.

Social Sustainability Impact

We believe that providing secure, comfortable and affordable accommodation increases well-being and subsequently enables higher academic achievement, thus nurturing the development of future leaders.

Acorn is also changing the public perception of quality rental housing by embracing technology and heavily investing in platforms dedicated to property management  and maintenance.

Environmental Sustainability Impact

At Acorn, we see that efficiently designed and produced buildings, with suitable infrastructure, provide some of the most effective means to achieving our affordability, efficiency and sustainability goals, such as addressing resource scarcity, creating thriving communities and driving economic growth.

Our commitment is to have all our developments certified by an external green certification agency. To date, all our buildings are certified IFC EDGE, which requires a minimum efficiency improvement in energy, water and material use.

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Economic Sustainability Impact

Housing remains a top focus area for the Kenyan government and a key development agenda.

Acorn has formed various partnerships with both public and private universities, ranging from collaborative engagements, such as active outreach and marketing to students, to strategic alliances.

Financial Sustainability Impact

At Acorn, we are developing new capital structures to drive the growth of our rental housing platform. It is for this reason that we are establishing two Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) under the Kenyan REIT legislation, which offer the most optimal structures both to develop and operate rental housing at scale.